Program Components

Shared Reading

Un enfoque de lectura compartida is the shared reading component of Despegando hacia la lectura®.

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Paired Texts for Students

Connected texts to reinforce learning

  • 340 titles organized into 9 Developmental Reading Stages – paired narrative and informational texts
  • 252 Perspectivas Texts (6 copies each of 42 Perspectivas titles)
  • 170 Paired-Text Lesson Plan Cards (one for each set of paired books)
  • 42 Perspectivas Lesson Plan Cards (1 per each title)
  • 24 Vocabulary Starters for the Early Emergent Stage
  • 876 Take-Home Books for Levels A-P, (6 copies each of 146 titles)

An overview of the reading strategies for each book by stage can be seen on the Scope and Sequence Charts. Reading Across the Curriculum Charts detail text features and content vocabulary for each title. These can also be found under the Program Support Materials page.

Lesson Plans

Easy-to-use Lesson Plans for practical and systematic instruction

  • There are Before, During, and After Reading Activities for each book, plus a synthesizing activity focusing on the key concept of both books.
  • Each Lesson Plan can be split into four 30-minute instructional sessions and one review session.
  • Each Lesson Plan integrates oral language, comprehension, phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary development, fluency, and writing.
  • Each Lesson Plan includes ongoing assessment and follow-up activities.
  • Lesson Plan Cards are available digitally, including options for downloading, with a subscription to the Okapi Digital Literacy™ platform.

Vocabulary Starters

Provide direct reading support.

  • Unique to the Early Emergent Stage, there is one Vocabulary Starter for each pair of books (24 in total).
  • Each Vocabulary Starter introduces the written form of key vocabulary through unambiguous, labeled photographs.
  • Vocabulary Starters can be read as a book, or displayed as a word bank to support beginning readers and writers.
  • On the back of the photographs are suggestions for building oral, reading, and writing vocabulary, as well as reading and writing activities for each book.

Take-Home Books

Economical, black and white versions of 146 Student Books (one title from each pair at Levels A-P, provided in packs of six copies) provide:

  • Additional reading and writing activities for home
  • Opportunities for parental involvement
  • Repetitive readings to build fluency